1 °) For multiplatform.


Java runtime.

Java runtime is increasingly implemented on computers.
Detailed information for Linux (ubuntu) can be found at:

If Java runtime is not installed, you can download it here.

In Ubuntu, the package is accessible by synaptic, under the name openjdk-8-jre. You only need to right-click on it, then choose Select for installation by left-clicking.
Launch the installation and answer OK to everything.

Installation of mdp:

Create a specific directory (it is cleaner) that you can name mdp or differently. Do not use accents or special characters.
In Windows create it under C:\Users\yourlastname\ For example, C:\Users\smith\mdp
In Linux create it under /home/yourlastname/ For example, /home/smith/mdp
In mac, create it under yourlastname/applications/ For example, smith/applications/mdp/
This location is strongly recommended. Any other location may work, but it is more unstable.
Put the zip file in it and unzip it there. If an additional directory proposes to unzip the file there is no problem, unless it contains accents or special characters.

As a result, the files mdp.jar and two other files (one in Openoffice and another in excell) will be unzipped.


Double-click on mdp.jar and it will open
If this is not the case and if Java runtime was correctly downloaded, it is necessary to give it the right to execute. If that is the case, right-click on the file, then on properties permissions, and then check the box "Authorize the execution as a program".
This authorization is to be given only at the first launch.


For Windows.
Unzip the zip file in the "download" folder where it is by default. The file contains the installation setup. Double left-click to launch the installation.
As it is a download, when the installer is launched the following message will appear: "Windows has protected your computer". Click on “more” on the left side, at the bottom of the box, then execute all the same. Your antivirus will analyse everything within the installer to make sure there is no malware.
You will get the usual warning message: “
Do you authorize this application from an unknown publisher to modify your computer?”
If in doubt, in the contact page you will find all my contact details and other relevant information, in particular my Company's Registration Number. This information will allow you to make any research about me.
After clicki
ng yes, you can proceed to answer the questions, typical of this type of installation.


Double left-click on the zip file to reach the .tar file. Double-click on both the .tar and the .deb files: The
software library will open.

You can make the double-clicks directly in the archive manager without unzipping them (tested only on ubuntu 16.10).

Now all you have to do is to follow the usual procedure.

For Ubuntu, the file will appear in the dashboard where you can launch it. The file will also appear in the accessories menu for lubuntu or ubuntumate.

This help is accessible via the question mark in the menu bar of the software.


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