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Safety and simplicity in the management of its passwords

To be able to manage all your passwords becomes harder and harder.

The temptation is strong to use only two or three passwords or to simplify them. All your data become then very vulnerable.

It is to solve this equation between difficulty of memorization and safety that I wrote a software which is called MDP as password.

For all your passwords, you will just have to know only a single password and a number between 100 and 899.

This administrator of passwords thus allies security and simplicity.

What distinguishes this software, is that it keeps no password. it manages no file. It is much less vulnerable than others.


In procedure high security, the encoding overtakes 448 bits.

It is compatible Windows, pimp and Linux (tested under Ubuntu). Require runtime Java (popular waltz).




This software exists for mobile phones and tablets.

Androïd in Google-play with the name mdpw.

Ios in app store with the name MDPM

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