This software is aimed at making your password management easier by securing your passwords and allowing them to be found easily.


The temptation to use always a list of 2 or 3 passwords or the simple passwords, to make memorization easier, is big. The risk becomes then very high.

To change password each time you create a new account requires a lot of memorization.

It is to solve this equation between ease and security that I wrote this software.

The principle is to use only one password and a 3-digit number to generate all the high-security passwords which you need.

None of this data is stored, they are kept in no files.

It is extremely important to memorize or preserve these two parameters, preferably not on an electronic device.

The login or the pen name for which you need this password, will be the base of the calculations to which will be applied the algorithm.


In the chapter Tips and tricks methods are suggested to you.

You only have to memorize a 3-digit number representing the algorithm of your choice ( YOUR algorithm) and a password of your choice, ( YOUR password), which, for safety reasons will appear in no file.
II To generate and get back a password

For your first password, you have to begin by choosing:
YOUR password consisted of at least 10 characters and 22 maximum.

For higher security, it is sensible to include at least: 1 small letter, 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character as & # @ + etc...
However it is not obligated because there are 799 algorithms and every algorithm possesses numerous "combinations".
You are not in the situation of a password used directly.


  • YOUR algorithm: a number between 100 and 899

    You will only have to remember for all the passwords to be generated and recovered.

    To generate a password:

    YOUR password.


  • Votremotdepasse

  • YOUR algorithm






    The login or the pen name for which you wish to have a password

  • Loginpseudo

By default, the level of security is on high security, but you can change it.
Click on OK, a password will be generated.
With the button ‘copy’, you get it back on the clipboard.

Do not close the software before having put your password. For obvious safety reasons, the closure of the application empties the clipboard.


For the same reason the clipboard is emptied every 4 minutes.
To find a password, you do exactly as to create a password. You will obtain the same password.


III Tips and tricks

It is necessary to memorize your user password and your n° algorithm for the creation and the recovery of your passwords.
The best way to remember the password is to put it in a sentence. Ex: 1Cat+2cats=3.
Have small letters, a capital letter, a number and 2 distinguishing features.
For the algorithm it can be from a date, anniversary, party etc. Avoid however yours which is in many of your computer files
For your various pen names or logins, they can be the e-mail address asked the opening of the "account".

But in case it is a unique email address, your password will always be the same except for changing algorithm, with the risk of not remembering which was chosen for such or such pen name.


Pen names or logins being of use to the elaboration of the password can be built in a logical way. Ex: if your email adress is g.smith@gmail., for the alarm system, the pen name can be

Pen names can very well be in a file of Libreoffice.
Indeed, if you kept your password and your algorithm in a device out of reach, nobody can make anything to it.

IV Conclusion

This software whom doesn’t store your passwords in any files, is above all, made to secure your data and to avoid the memorization of numerous passwords.
There is no such a thing as zero risk, and this software does not claim to have achieved it. On the other hand, it allows a considerable increase of the safety, while reducing a lot the effort of memorization.


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