1 Key by user account for the software MDP

Key allowing the software to work.

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1° You download the application page download

2° You install it on your computer and thus verify its compatibility with your operating system and your internal securities.  You can make 5 tries without key.

3° If it is in accordance with your expectations, you order by the present shop a key which will allow you to use it.


PROCEED TO NO PURCHASE BEFORE HAVING TRIED THE SOFTWARE. An application has to correspond to a need and be adapted to an environment, only a try allows to answer these two questions..

After the download of the file " clef.zip ", unwind in the directory Downloads (where it is), launch MDP, and make Tools / Validate the key. If you did not move your directory Downloads and unwound the .zip in the directory Downloads, the validation will be made directly.

If you moved the directory Downloads, it is because you have some knowledge in computing very widely sufficient to make the following manipulation: copy the clef.txt file of the directory where you downloaded it in the directory Users / name of user (or user's Users / name >) according to your version). You launch then MDP and make Tools / Validate the key.

If you modified the directory of download by default in your sailor you make the same manipulation as above.